This is a type of clothing has a specific design, strictly based
traditional clothing of the Ryukyu Islands.
The original kimono from the Ryukyu Kingdom was and still is a very
popular item from past eras. Now, we bring back the same design with
updated fabric textures and variation of colors. The selection of today’s
popular fabrics offers the user a familiar feeling which connect to the
Ryukyu culture.

Everyone is able to enjoy our CHIMUNO:
Couples, Siblings, Mother and child, Father, Grandparents…..
Each CHIMUNO is very unique although they all carry the same strong
Please feel welcome to find the best one which fits your taste.

Based on the Okinawa Ryukyu costume, “sudina” refers to
the traditional vest. From this vest we created the CHIMUNO design. 
When speaking about the Ryukyu costumes, the era, the specific region,
and the social status of the old individual all have an importance. There
are a variety of ways to classify each level of status and the clothing that
represents each level.

CHI MU NO is a design that is considered to be very close to the
 Ryukyu traditional costumes, capturing the functionality in its simplicity.


CHI MU NO has a single pattern of construction which many different types of fabrics, this gives the user a very large range of styles.
By choosing the proper fabric, one can feel dressy, sporty, classy, ready to work, or just for his or her daily pleasure.
This item can replace the concept of kimono. which is quite difficult to wear, using layers of underwear and it takes a long time to fit in.
CHIMUNO becomes the modern choice of the traditional Okinawa Ryukyu clothing.

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